Meet some Agroecological Learners

The Apricot Centre CIC offers accredited courses in Regenerative Farming for those in Devon and other short courses. These include Level 2, 3 and 4 in Regenerative Land Based Systems, Permaculture Design, Introduction to Agroforestry and more.

Here is what some of their students have to say about their experiences:

“Coming from a non-farming and urban/suburban background the expertise & culture of growing food & raising livestock felt a bit impenetrable. But my life experience in working with food & living in mixed social areas convinced me that changes to food systems are vital and urgent. Getting training and an opportunity to get hands-on experience in a supported role was the opportunity I was looking for – so that I now feel I can play a valid role in food production and have a basis of knowledge to build on….And the bonus is that I’ve realised that being outdoors all day and producing food makes me very happy!” Helen

“Where to start? At the top of the pyramid is confidence. The apricot centre and all of it’s expert contributors on my diploma are hugely elevating my understanding of my own practice and the soil I work in while also introducing me to a fascinating world of new ideas and possibilities. The study has married my existing experience and intuition with science and deeper understanding. I feel validated and able to reach out for deeper social and cultural connections too. Most importantly the confidence and positive energy that I’ve brought back to my family and the farm is priceless. Making friends and feeling less alone in the industry is a wonderful thing. And having a question answered enthusiastically not reluctantly does wonders for your mental health.”

“Agroecological training has been important for me as the next step to finding purpose in the world and making sense of my last few years as a grower. As an holistic discipline agroecological training has helped me better understand how we can all work with the rhythms of nature in order to reassume our place within it. My training has opened my eyes to how abstract and disconnected agriculture has become – an industry in conflict with natural cycles which, if respected, can improve and enrich our food systems. My training has also re-emphasised my commitment to local food and the importance of restoring the resilience of local communities in an increasingly globalised world. I intend to use my training to promote food sovereignty and foster local food networks.”

“My allotment plot has been developed using agroecological principles and continues to evolve with ongoing learning including the L4 course at the Apricot Centre. The plot is also used to demonstrate perennial based regenerative and resilient growing systems on an allotment scale.” Lesley